Wow… its JULY! That’s pretty crazy because it feels like just yesterday it was March! Today I am just gonna throw a few random things into one post. Sorry in advance about any inconvenience that may bring. Anyway, the first thing I am going to say is thank you to Liberty for having an awesome giveaway! Also, she has an awesome blog and Pinterest account that I highly recommend to you all. ❤ Now, lets talk July. If any of you are born in July, let me know! You don’t need to give any specific details (age, date, etc.), but if you are born in July then I will give you a shout out! As a matter a fact, even if you aren’t born in July you can still fill out this form that tells me who to shout out to in what month.

Thanks for doing that! Now I am gonna do share my July goals.

I don’t have a lot but…

  • Finish the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Organize my blog a bit more
  • Write response letters to a lot of people


  • Get connected with more people through WordPress

Yay! I will let you guys know how many of these goals I complete. In case you guys haven’t already, check out my Pinterest account.

Thanks guys! Have a great day!!


What are your July goals? Do you have Pinterest?

post 1 | the beginning


Before I officially start my blog, I would like to address the fact that I have not posted in a WHILE 😂🤦‍♀️ I am so sorry about that. As my school year wrapped up, I found myself away from my laptop and not on my blog. Oops.

Anyway. Today, my first post is going to be about…….. *drum roll* summer.

I don’t know about you all, but so far this summer has seemed a little weird to me. The reason why is because me and my family love traveling and we cannot do that this year because of Covid 😐

Here is my bucket list for the summer:

  • Read
  • Go running
  • Hopefully see some relatives
  • Swim
  • Go camping

AND of course

  • BLOG!!

Sorry this post is short but you all can comment below of some things you want me to post about and some of your summer goals!

Love y’all


Hey hey hey!

So most of you probably don’t remember me but if you do, I’M BACK!!! I used to have a blog but I didn’t have time for it. 😦 But because I am in quarantine, I have loads of time to create a nice blog!

Thanks for looking at my blog and feel free to repost this, follow, like, comment, or whatever else you may want to do!